Orange Beach Vacation

Here are photos of our weekend in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

Before the people came out.

A heron with Perdido Key in the background.

A controlled burn in Gulf State Park, AL. The results were strange and wonderful. And sort of stinky.

Gulf Islands National Seashore, FL. 

Palms lit from below, The Wharf in Orange Beach.

Sunrise was magnificent every day.

I love the variety of interesting plants on the Gulf Coast. 

A sailboat got stranded on the beach and we watched it get towed back out to sea by the Coast Guard. Only landlubbers like us would get such a kick out of this. We told people we witnessed a "daring nautical rescue operation."

Spanish moss along the Backcountry trail, Gulf State Park. I biked for many miles in this well-maintained park.

One of the long boardwalks to the sea on Perdido Key, AL.

We had a huge storm one day, and the next morning this large pond had collected on the beach, where this heron took a stand.


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