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Red Dot Student Show Opening

"Pomegranates and Lace" Ricki Jill Treleaven 2012
2012 Red Dot Gallery Student Show  Opens Friday, September 28 Through November 17
Red Dot Gallery  1001 Stuart Street  Birmingham, AL 35226

Red Dot Student Show Again

Joyce Hudson drawing
2012 Red Dot Gallery Student Show
Come see new work of Red Dot Gallery painting, drawing, and ceramic students. 
Opening September 28, 5-9 pm through November 17, 2012
Red Dot Gallery 1001 Stuart Street Birmingham, AL 35226 205.870.7608

My Teenager's Fabulous Art Career

2012, Oil on Canvas, 34" x 40"
My 17 year old daughter, Annabelle, just sold another painting from her portrait series. "The Duke of Birmingham" depicts our lawyer/farmer friend, Andy Laplante, dressed in Elizabethan duds, sitting on his porch with his dogs.
Annabelle is currently getting her college applications ready, and is planning on applying to School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, University of Alabama, Birmingham, and Montevallo University.

Glenda Weathers Painting

New painting by Red Dot oil painting student Glenda Weathers. She's only been painting for a few months and is already making work like this! Glenda is diligent with a capital D, really fun to have in class, and (having been a teacher herself) is the ideal student--a good listener and follower of directions. These may not seem like romantic, artsy things, but they are the key to a good foundation where spontaneity and free-thinking can be cultivated. Glenda has a bright future in painting, for sure.