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Dori Claus is Coming to Town

Above: Me in 1964 I’ll be home for Christmas. My hometown is Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and I’m driving there from Alabama. In addition to hanging out with family for the holidays, skiing, snow-shoeing, and eating too much, I have a little business to attend to. I’m having a book-signing for my new book, “My Steamboat: A Ski Town Childhood,” and I’m going to be on TV.From the emails and Facebook messages I’ve been receiving from old Steamboat friends, I think there will be more than 2 people at my book-signing, which is quite exciting when you’re not a famous author. (I call myself a micro-celebrity. Twenty-seven people know who I am.) I am pleased with the response to the book so far, which is a big relief after 8 years of writing and editing, wondering who in the world would care about my little story.In a previous blog post I expressed worry about the impending release of the book. I had that panicky last-minute regret feeling, wondering if people would hate it or dismiss it or be…

Charming Charm Charms

In September, the talented, creative, and cool Chatham Helmers opened Charm, a hip and luscious store in downtown Birmingham, and I can’t get it out of my head.I bought some lovely scarves and necklaces there a couple weeks ago, and am plotting my return for more goodies as soon as I can scoot down there. (See more images below.) With her usual flair for the offbeat, Chatham has pulled together vintage, handmade, and new accessories and gifts that should appeal to just about anyone who has any sense. Gorgeous jewelry, hats, scarves, and eclectic small artworks fill the store and are enhanced by Chatham’s unique and, in my opinion, faultless design sense. (It’s my blog, and I’ll use all the hyperbolic compliments I want to.) She hand-makes much of the surrounding decorative elements, which are so good they make me want to bring a note pad and take down all her great ideas for later copy-cat use. And, not only are the store and its contents positively yummy, they are also inexpensive. F…

Blog Holiday Card

I did this painting on aluminum for my blog Christmas card. Happy Holidays to you and your family.