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Catch This Without a Net

Don't forget to enjoy the posts on Without a Net, my blog that explains in detail the meaning of each of my paintings. Today's post is about this ermine painting, "For Thy Sweet Love Remembered." (My titles come from Shakespeare's sonnets.)

My Lovely Students

Cloty El Zein
Enjoy some images of Red Dot student work created in the last two months.

Glenda Weathers

Kristin Martin
Lisa Martin

Pat Conrad

Mary Compton

Clare Maddry
Casey Lancaster
Alba Pinto

Joyce White

Birmingham Museum of Art Visit


Annabelle and I visited the Birmingham Museum of Art today. It was as empty as we've ever seen it, so next time you want an art museum to yourself, go on the day after Christmas. I took photos (without flash...the rules) of some of our favorite pieces. For some reason we were both taken with the primitive sections this visit.  Forgive my poor reporting on the pieces. We enjoyed the visuals, but didn't jot down all the details. 


Table and chairs in the atrium from above

Native American


Gifted: Red Dot Holiday Exhibit 2015

Gifted opens tomorrow night at Red Dot Gallery from 5 to 8 pm. Local, handmade, original, affordable and give-able art for the holidays. 

Jane Marshall print

Scott Bennett flame vessel and cups

Chris Gryder vessel

Todd Brownstein vessels

Branan Mercer cup

Kristin Martin painting

Ryan Carlson ornament

Scott Bennett vases

Dori DeCamillis paintings

Fong Choo mug