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Weekend in Mentone

Little River in DeSoto State Park, Northwestern Alabama

Last weekend I stayed in a cabin in quaint Mentone, AL by myself. I wrote, read, played guitar, rode my new electric bike, walked, and watched sunsets from the Brow (the edge of Lookout Mountain, right outside my door.) I also attended a few contra dances at FOOTMAD's annual outrageously fun open-air dance hall weekend. Vacations really don't get any better.

A good rock wall near my cabin.

The first falls at DeSoto Falls, about 3 miles fro Mentone.

The second falls...quite a majestic drop.

The chewing gum tree outside the dining hall at Camp Riverview, where the contra dance was held.

Some interesting tree fungus found on one of my trail hikes in DeSoto State Park.

What in the blue blazes?

Water on a rock.

A reindeer moss forest.

Sunset from the Brow, Lookout Mountain, Mentone. 

Grand Champion Sister

My talented sister, Dana, won Grand Champion at the Routt County Fair (CO) for her knitted afghan. She promises to send details images of it when it comes home. 

New Student Paintings

Kay Lindsey

Enjoy images of oil paintings completed by Red Dot students over the past two months.

Jeanne Alexander

Eileen Cohn

Natalie Smith

Louise Parsons

Karen Foote

Peggy (hard to remember Czech last name)

Kristin Martin

Beverley Phillips

Ann Vaphiades

Klassic Kars at Krispy Kreme

The first Saturday of each month in the summer a group of classic car enthusiasts bring their shiny vehicles for a gathering in front of Krispy Kreme donuts in Hoover, AL. Last weekend was a good one to attend because the midsummer temperatures were a few degrees cooler than usual. (It's usually approximately the same as Hell.)

Farmers Market in Alabama

Alabama has some beautiful produce this time of year. There are farmer's markets all over Birmingham, but these images are from the Saturday morning Pepper Place Market.

I am honored that 2 of my paintings will be featured in The Biennial, an exhibit of past and present winners of the Alabama Council on the Arts Fellowship. The show opens Sunday from 2-4 pm in Troy, AL at the Johnson Center for the Arts. 
To celebrate the upcoming Mud Dabblers exhibit at Red Dot Gallery here are some photos of fun stuff in the clay studio.

Hake Brushes

Hanging Tools

Reclaim Clay buckets


Carving tools

Water buckets

A Taste of Mud

Please join us at Red Dot Gallery for the opening of Mud Dabblers, a student clay exhibit, 5 to 8 pm. Here is a sampling of some of the excellent ceramic work done by Scott Bennett's clay students.