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Article in Homewood Star

Ceramic piece by Jane Marshall

Check out the article in The Homewood Star about upcoming Mud Dabbler exhibit at Red Dot Gallery.

Mud Dabblers Exhibit

Please come to our first exhibit of work by Scott's clay students!

Some Good Movies

This painting, All The World's A Stage, is about my addiction to watching movies. The benefit of my habit is that I've seen many movies, so, at the request of my mom, I will post, on occasion, lists of movies that I think are worth watching. I'm starting at the top of my alphabetical Neflix ratings list and see how far we get. I like independent films, foreign films, violent movies and stupid comedies as much as Hollywood favorites, so get ready for a varied mix. 

$5 a Day When con man Nat (Christopher Walken) convinces his straitlaced son, Flynn (Alessandro Nivola), to join him on a road trip, the two learn a few things about each other as they drive to New Mexico, attempting to live on no more than $5 a day. With Sharon Stone. 500 Days of Summer When his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), unceremoniously dumps him, greeting-card copywriter and hopeless romantic Tom (Golden Globe nominee Joseph Gordon-Levitt) begins sifting through the year-plus worth of days they spent …

Leave a Google Review

Don't be a snooty art critic like this when you leave a review.
If you've wanted to leave a positive Google review for Red Dot Gallery and have run into complications, we now have an easy step-by-step guide to get it done. We thank you in advance for letting us know how you think Red Dot is the coolest place ever. Click below for the step-by-step guide.

City Shots

Here are some photos I took on a weekend trip to Atlanta recently. That's all the caption you need, I think.

My Recent Paintings

The Painted Banquet Bids My Heart  

In addition to the ermine painting of the last post, I've completed a few other paintings in the past few months. Here are a few. I've been working on a couple others which will both be finished soon as well. I'm always working on paintings, but sometimes it seems (if you aren't in my studio) like I do nothing for six months, and then suddenly I show up with a stack of work. It's stack time!

Having Traffic With Thyself Alone

Were an All-Eating Shame

Weasel for Sale

My most recently finished painting, an ermine in milk, sold today. I haven't titled it yet, but am looking forward to it.