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My Kid Volunteers at Veggie Farm

My daughter, Annabelle, is volunteering at a local non-profit farm this summer. She picks vegetables all day long (a couple days a week) to help Jones Valley Urban Farm (JVUF) get ready for the following days' farmer's markets. My two preceding blog posts tell all about JVUF and their fine work.
I thought that when I picked up Annabelle each day I would find her spent and bedraggled from the 98 degree/98 humidity we've had in Alabama for the last few weeks, but, on the contrary, she ends her days looking like a little Buddha--serene, gentle and happy. For years I've filled her head with the benefits of getting outdoors, helping in the community, supporting local food growers in any way possible. I extolled these virtues with a "do your duty" attitude, and didn't dare hope that when she actually did these things she would find it uplifting, fun, and desirable. I am a happy, proud, surprised, and really excited mom.
Here is an article from the Birmingham News…