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My Instagram Feed

Pool Selfie
I've taken lots of photos over the years, and never had anyone but my husband and daughter to show them to,  but since I found Instagram I've enjoyed sharing my pics with people all over the globe. I also get to see the "scrapbooks" of exotic, weird, and beautiful things from folks like me. I also like that Instagram doesn't offer room for a lot of talk. Just pure enjoyment of images. So here are a few photos from my feed in recent weeks. If you want to see more, you can follow me at:
fancydori on Instagram

Mushrooms from Camp McDowell, AL

Fresh-poured metal from Alabama Folk School

Storm over Birmingham, AL

Worn-out Chairs

From the old door collection next door to Red Dot

White Still-Life Day at Red Dot  (see more of this event at

My Other Blog is a Rolls Royce

I'm finally announcing my new blog, Without a Net. It will offer more in-depth information about my paintings, and will include features about people and organizations I find fascinating. The blog you're reading now will remain more of a personal scrapbook, and Without a Net will be a venue for my writing with plenty of art, humor, and connectivity with others.

Kid Art at Camp McDowell

I couldn't help taking photos of the murals and standing art around Camp McDowell during my recent guitar workshop weekend. Nothing more to say except it looks like fun, and I know the kids that did it will never forget working on such big and bold art work.

Guitar Weekend at Alabama Folk School

This past weekend I took a guitar workshop with the incredible Herb Trotman at the Alabama Folk School in Nauvoo, Alabama. I came away with sore fingers, loads of fun memories, and enough guitar theory and things to practice to last until next year. I also hiked, watched a metal pour, and got to see the mosaic student's completed work.  
This fellow sat outside my door all day Saturday.

An old chair on a porch.

A bee on a flower.

Looking up at Big Leaf Magnolias. 

The metal pour.

Right after the aluminum is poured into the molds.

The metal student's work.

Some of the mosaic student's work.

Close-up of mosaic student's work.


I passed around my camera to guests at the opening of DECADE, Red Dot's 10th Anniversary student/teacher exhibition. The impromptu photographers came up with a nice portfolio. More to see at my Flickr album.

Pre-Show Sales!

These are paintings I finished in the last few months. Three sold today, all in anticipation of our upcoming opening this Saturday at Red Dot. I am in the process of titling them, a very fun endeavor indeed. 



Frames in the Making

Scott is making frames for my artwork in his makeshift wood shop: our carport. We're gearing up for DECADE, opening this Saturday at Red Dot. Come see his masterpieces around my artwork.