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Flower Power

My husband, Scott Bennett and his ceramic artist friend Chris Gryder collaborated on these wonderful wall pieces which were exhibited at The Kiln Studios in Fairhope, AL. Both sold right away. The pieces are particularly remarkable because the artists live 9 hours away from each other, and had to ship the pieces back and forth to work on them. 

70 Great Things About Ma

Annabelle in her high school Christmas pageant. (She's Cindy Loo Who in the center)
My mom turns 70 today. Here is a list of 70 things I love about her.

New Student Work

Karyn Mosley
Featured today are some images of work finished this week by Red Dot students.
Ricki Jill Treleaven
Gail Rule (Her very first landscape, and her second painting ever)
Ann Vaphiades  (photo lightens the top left corner too much, will post again when I get a better image)