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My Belly Dancing Girl

Annabelle DeCamillis, my daughter, has been practicing belly dancing for almost two years and has posted a couple videos of her dancing on Youtube. The first was filmed in Ann Arbor, MI in an alley plastered with graffiti.
Graffiti Belly Dance
The second is a creative interpretation of one of her favorite web cartoons, Homestuck. My middle-age explanation of what Homestuck is about would be blasted by young fans, so just watch the video and enjoy. 
Homestuck Belly Dance

Art on Stage

The Birmingham Museum of Art and the Birmingham Art Association present Art on Stage, a morning of artist demonstrations and talks with Alabama artists Dori DeCamillis, Scott Bennett, Frank Fleming, and Barbara Evans. The event includes continental breakfast and refreshments.
Friday, August 24, 2012, 9:00 am to 12:15 am

Advance registration is required. $35/person. Please click here to register online, or to register over the phone.

Buriest Thy Content

From my self-portrait series, "See Right Through Me," this is called "Buriest Thy Content." It is about the nasty inner critic who ruins creativity with over-analysis and cynicism. All my titles come from Shakespeare's sonnets. I'm currently writing a book about the series. 16" x 20"  Oil on Board

Karyn Mosley Landscape

Karyn Mosley had been a student at Red Dot for a few months, and this is her first landscape. With a photo she took of the Little River Canyon area of Alabama, she obviously caught on quick to the landscape genre. She also adds a dose of irreverent humor and wise insights to class--an awfully good combo in my book.

Chalkboard Art by Annabelle

This summer my 17 year-old kid, Annabelle, had a summer job drawing chalkboard art for a soon-to-open restaurant in Birmingham. She used pastels to do 9 large pieces that hang throughout the restaurant. Creekside Tavern, a family-type restaurant opens this Wednesday.

The subject matter was mostly chosen by the restaurant owners, Margee and Blake Sly. They preferred scenes of people doing everyday things, and many are from photos taken around the shopping center where their restaurant is located. 

The plan is to erase the pieces and recreate them for the change of seasons.

For a teenager the project was an amazing experience, both for making art-for-hire and having a summer job in her field.

The work is done with high-quality soft pastels on black chalkboard.