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F5, Paintings by Laura Kimes

F5 Opening at Red Dot Gallery, Friday April 27th, 6 - 9 pm

Commemorating the Anniversary of the 2011 Tornadoes April 27-May 25, 2012
Exactly one year after deadly tornadoes ripped through Alabama in one of the biggest storms in U.S. history, artist Laura Kimes exhibits a series of paintings representing the aftermath. 
A student of Red Dot Gallery for nearly 5 years, Laura Kimes has explored several subjects as a painter, but this body of work has been the most personal for her. After being encouraged in class to explore themes that hold the most meaning for her, she bravely investigated the theme of great loss, to which she is no stranger. The death of her husband 8 years ago left her and her 3 children devastated. Last year, while traveling in north Alabama, she photographed some of the storm damage, and related on a deeper level to the suffering of the victims. Her paintings spring from this emotional connection.

“It made me angry, it made me sad, it reminded me in a concrete way …

Tables: 7 Years of Painting Classes at Red Dot


Picnic for the Planet

This Sunday is Earth Day, and The Nature Conservancy is celebrating with Picnic for the Planet. I was commissioned to paint a picnic table for our Birmingham picnic (in Railroad Park.) People will be picnicking around the globe with the Nature Conservancy, trying to break a world record for the Guinness book. The Birmingham Zoo asked me to represent their organization at the event, and this is the table I painted with generous help from my talented teenage daughter, Annabelle. It is painted with house paint and oils.

The Past Month, Part 1

So much happened last month there was no time to post. Here are some highlights.  Note that the unseasonably warn weather made everything bloom at once. 

Annabelle was honored at the Hoover City Council meeting for one of her art awards. She placed first in painting at the State Superintendent's competition.

We stuffed ourselves and got painted bright colors at the Festival of Colors at Taj India. 

My paint didn't come off for three days. People thought I had a skin disease or that I'd had a rough facial. 

My kid class had our annual sidewalk chalk day.

We go through a whole lot of chalk.

On our spring break trip, Annabelle and I stopped at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the spring bloom and the spectacular orchid house.

More to come!