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About My Current Book

I'm in the editing stage of completing my second book, title TBA, about growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Here is a description:

One of the most sought-after destinations in the world for outdoor recreation, Steamboat Springs, Colorado offers visitors gorgeous high-country scenery, luxury accommodations, and some of the best skiing on the planet. But in the 1960s Steamboat differed very little from other small towns in America. Unpretentious people with rural values worked in the fields and mines, or owned small businesses. Occasionally local ranchers drove cattle right down Main Street.
I grew up in Steamboat just as the outside world started to take notice of my remote and wildly beautiful hometown. The rich and the glamorous had discovered a winter playground, and we natives were forced to adapt.
In my book, my unconventional family awkwardly tries to fit in with the changing community, torn between the “hippies and the cowboys.” Like other independent mountain natives, …

About My First Book

Published in 2000, The Freeway is a non-fiction account of the three years I lived on the road in a vintage motorhome, making a living at outdoor art festivals. It is available on Here is a quick description written by Joyce Maynard, author of "To Die For," which was made into a good movie starring Nicole Kidman:

Two young painters in love sell everything they own, buy a vintage motorhome and hit the road to seek their fortune. This is the story of their adventures. In a voice as unaffected as the paintings she and her husband create, Dori DeCamillis tells the story of their three year long journey. Often funny, sometimes heartbreaking-with echoes of Huckleberry Finn, Jack Kerouac and Lucy and Desi in "The Long Long Trailer"-The Freeway takes a reader not simply across America, but to a place somewhere in the center of the heart.

And, here is a review from Amazon that I particularly liked:

"I'm glad to see this book is still in print. It deserved …

About My Art

I'm a visual artist, writer, mom, gallery owner, and U.S. citizen. I started this blog to keep interested parties updated as to my whereabouts and goings on, especially with my art and books. So, here's what's going on with my art:

I'm working on a series of large panels depicting places in Alabama. I incorporate handmade ceramic tile and oil paint on wood and copper. I started the series a couple years ago when I was awarded the Alabama Council on the Arts Fellowship for Individual Artists. I'm working on painting number 11 now. The show is scheduled to exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art in Spring of 2011. (Museums have to schedule shows far in advance). I'm working on scheduling more exhibits.

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