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UAB Faculty/Alumni Exhibit

On Friday I attended the opening of the faculty/alumni exhibit at AEIVA, the University of Alabama's new art building. My daughter Annabelle is studying art at UAB, and all evening I was referred to as Annabelle's mom, which was kind of nice. I was impressed by much of the work in the show, and have known many of the artists for a long time. Many of shots below are details of larger works.
The building was "wrapped" in colorful cloth, an installation by Amannda Bowers.
James Alexander
I forgot who this is. (Frowny face)
Gary Chapman
John Fields
Didn't catch the name. (Sheepish grin)
Dan Bynum
Stacey Holloway
Stacey Holloway
Merrilee Challis
Sonja Rieger
Sonja Reiger
Derek Crackow
Derek Crakow
Frank Fleming

New Student Paintings Finished

Natalie Smith
Here are some new paintings finished by Red Dot painting students this week. Fabulous.
Anne Vaphiades

Kay Lindsey

Tulsi Vora

Deeana Crider

Audience View of My Talk

I gave a talk about my artwork at Indian Springs High School yesterday, and I passed around my camera for each student to take a photo of the experience. I knew it would produce some good images. 

Weekend Getaway

Before Annabelle goes back to college, she and I had a mother/daughter weekend in the mountains. We stayed in a cabin in Mentone, AL and hiked in Cloudland Canyon, GA. Saw lots of spectacular views, most of which were right out our cabin door. 

Pots on a Rail

Student pots drying outside during an evening clay class at Red Dot.

Before and After Drawings

The above drawing was done without instruction at the beginning of Red Dot drawing class by a new student.

This is a drawing by the same student at the end of one class with Dori. What a leap!

Grampa's Art

During my summer visit to Granny's house I photographed the fields where Grampa left his collection of old machinery, parts, and sundry junk. Mingled in the grass I found art there, in decay, rust, brokenness, angles, and colors. I gathered many more images than I displayed here, and will probably make them into a book. 

Summer Vacation Pics

Enjoy photos of my trip to Fort Collins a few weeks ago. The city is filled with large open spaces and parks connected by a fabulous bike trail. I walked for hours every day, and decided all cities should be this way. All images here are from my walks.