Trip to Steamboat

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Steamboat, my hometown. I had fun with family, did some stellar hiking, went to the rodeo, and ate a lot. Scott fished and fished and fished. 

Daniel White Coming Soon

Red Dot Gallery presents the paintings of Daniel White. Opening August 11, 2017 with a reception for the artist from 5-8, the show will run through September 9. Daniel received his BFA from Montevallo University, and his MFA from RIT-School for American Crafts. In addition to working on both painting and ceramics, he worked professionally in art museums for 10 years. He is currently a full-time painter, and a part-time educator.

This Week's Finished Paintings

Summer is a theme in some of the most recent finished paintings in my oil paintings classes.  Joyce White (above) took a not-so-perfect photograph and made magic happen.

Marcia Amason will be having her own solo show at Red Dot opening in September.

Becky Haines has been doing some lovely reflective still lives based on her own photographs.

Glenda Weathers is experimenting with simplifying more complicated scenes. This was her first try and she really nailed it.

My Newest Paintings

Heaven's Sweetest Air
These paintings were completed in the last few months. The bear is a departure, as it is an animal (unclothed) in its natural habitat. I loved doing the landscape so much that I might explore the genre a bit. All paintings are oil on board, were finished in 2017 and measure 16" x 20."

Such Heavenly Touches

In Thy Soul's Thought

Thy Gift, Thy Tables are Within My Brain

Thou Gild'st the Even

Warrior Famoused for Fight

Student Show Now Open

The Red Dot 2017 Student Show opened Friday night to the usual friendly and enthusiastic crowds that support our openings. We are grateful to the students, collectors, friends, and well-wishers who make Red Dot the happy place that it is. 

Botanical Benefits

Recent regular morning walks at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens have given me less exercise than usual because of my very frequent photo stops. Our gardens are magnificent, free, and are so well-cared-for it seems like worker gnomes must be on duty at all times.

Student Show Invite

My poorly pasted invite to the 2017 Student Show. Enjoy!