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Party Animals

Here are my newest paintings. They are small (4"x9") and are a light version of my more introspective paintings. Which is a little break for me. I call them my Party Animals. Available at Red Dot Gallery.

Fairhope Art Trip

Last weekend I traveled to Fairhope, Alabama, for an art-filled weekend of fun and business. Farihope is a picturesque tourist town on the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay, and could remind one of  a Southern version of Carmel, California. My husband Scott and I traveled with our good friend Sebastian Moh, who had an opening at the Kiln Studio gallery. Susie Bowman, another good friend and owner of the gallery hosted the opening exhibit and, the following night, a grand dinner cooked by Sebastian. I can't post images of the dinner because I'm contracted to write an article about the gathering for Ceramics Monthly magazine, but I will say it was all delightful. I will give notice when the article is scheduled to be published. 

The Mardi Gras exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art is comprehensive, overwhelming, and fabulous.

We took a beach walk to see the remains of old kiln sites and a beach littered with pottery shards from the 1800s. 

Some of these rocks were colored by clay depos…

My Students Are Awesome

Lucy Mashburn
Here are the latest round of finished paintings by Red Dot oil painting students. I am always as pleased as they are with the finished results.


Ken Stalnaker

Patsy Haywood

Louise Parsons

Pat Conrad

Plates of Food in Kid Class

In Red Dot Kid Class the students were assigned to paint a plate of food that made them hungry. We painted acrylic-on-canvas pieces, and everyone got an A+ because they were definitely hungry. One of these paintings was done by me, as an example. You can guess which.

Holidays Already?

Please join us for our annual holiday exhibit at Red Dot Gallery. And stay tuned for photos of our new Cup Wall, a display for small ceramics.