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Painting in the Park Went Well

Homewood Arts Council enlisted Annabelle and I to teach a workshop series, Painting in the Park, each Saturday in April. I was skeptical, as April weather in the South can be very unpredictable. But we ended up with four beautiful days to make art in the sun. The workshops were hosted in a different Homewood, Alabama park each week, and the turnout was just the right number of people for such an event. (Average of 10 or so). I was impressed with the interest and buzz that surrounded it, especially since the Homewood Arts Council is in its first year. Check out their Facebook page for more photos of the events.
I had to teach the classes with acrylics, a medium I'm don't normally choose. Because it was outdoors and only an hour and a half workshop, it necessitated fast-drying and water clean-up medium. (I usually use and teach oils.) I also had to have the class do a particular painting and have them follow me step by step. Not my normal way of teaching. But within the paramet…

Classic Bestsellers at Red Dot Gallery

My kid class completed their own handmade books made from random ripped paper pieces. They used the scrap handmade paper to create stories. They turned out so good I'm posting them over the next week. Today's book is by Bay. Helpful narration is included in case translation isn't obvious.

A duck with a bag of money.

Duck hands over money.
To be continued...

Back with opened bag of money and greedy laughter.
Mighty Man to save the day. (According to the author: not supposed to be a bun, but a SuperMan hair flip.)
Another punch with fist, by the duck this time.

Article on Joel Shaw, Red Dot Regular

Our own Joel Shaw is featured in the local magazine B-Metro for his ceramic art. He makes art at Red Dot Gallery and is kind, funny, and talented. We are lucky to have him around.
Link to Article

My Work Wins ArtSlant Award

"Disdain the Tillage of Thy Husbandry"   16" x 20"  Oil on Board
My work was selected as a winner in the Showcase Series. ArtSlant is (according to the bi-line) the world's #1 contemporary art site. I'm proud to be chosen along with all the other accomplished work there.

All the World's a Stage

Oil on board, 16" x 20"
Just finished this oil painting, "All the World's a Stage." See more paintings at

April's Painting in the Park

Here is a link to an article about Painting in the Park, a series of outdoor painting workshops that progress to each of Homewood, Alabama's city parks--one each Saturday in April. 

We conducted the first workshop this past Saturday in Patriot Park, and it was a fun, educational, and slightly chilly success.