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Holiday in Steamboat

Elk River Sleigh Ride
Skiing with Bro, Sis, Daughter and Sis-in-Law
Santa in the Cabin

Holiday Show Guests

Shots of Holiday Show 2010, December 6. Show is open until Dec. 18.
Kids in Thursday afternoon class preparing the decorations
Adam, Sara, and friends
Liz and Ryan
Scott before
Scott after
Beverley with Shannon's jewelry
Mary Kay with her work
Dori's Fish Boxes

Red Dot 2010 Holiday Show

Artworks from students and friends of Red Dot Gallery. Show is open until Dec. 18.
Adam Sterrett Pottery
Gidge Black Ceramic Necklaces
Liz Rhoades Pottery
Scott Bennett Ceramic Wall Installation
Jane Marshall Ceramic Tile
Erin Hardin Oil Painting
Laura Kimes Oil Paintings
Beverley Phillips (and friends) Oil Paintings
Shannon Brooks-Hamilton Mixed Media Jewelry
Mary Kay Culpepper Block Prints
Saman Khaled Pottery

Details of Bible Belt: St. Paul's Cathedral


Bible Belt: Saint Pauls Cathedral

When I first moved to the South, I was astounded by the abundance of Christian churches. I learned that Alabama has a church for every 360 people, more than double the national average. Anyone living in Alabama is well aware of the prominence of religion in everyday life, and representing it in my series seemed a must. I explored many churches in Birmingham in my first years in the state, and found them all lovely. I labored over the choice of which church to feature in my piece, wondering whether to make my decision based on political, religious, or historical reasons. Ultimately, I chose to be as non-confrontational as I could. I chose Saint Paul’s because it is my church.Founded in 1871, the same year as Birmingham, Saint Paul’s was the city’s first Roman Catholic Church. Its face has changed over the past century and a quarter, but renovations in the past 20 years have rendered it one of the most beautiful and revered buildings in the city.Saint Paul’s interior splendor is known n…
Holiday Show at Red Dot Gallery Art at a good price, food, wine, really nice people, and some pretty Christmas lights. Please join us.