Weekend in Mentone

Little River in DeSoto State Park, Northwestern Alabama

Last weekend I stayed in a cabin in quaint Mentone, AL by myself. I wrote, read, played guitar, rode my new electric bike, walked, and watched sunsets from the Brow (the edge of Lookout Mountain, right outside my door.) I also attended a few contra dances at FOOTMAD's annual outrageously fun open-air dance hall weekend. Vacations really don't get any better.

A good rock wall near my cabin.

The first falls at DeSoto Falls, about 3 miles fro Mentone.

The second falls...quite a majestic drop.

The chewing gum tree outside the dining hall at Camp Riverview, where the contra dance was held.

Some interesting tree fungus found on one of my trail hikes in DeSoto State Park.

What in the blue blazes?

Water on a rock.

A reindeer moss forest.

Sunset from the Brow, Lookout Mountain, Mentone. 


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