What's Happening

This post is an update of the past weeks. At home and work I've been busy, so here's a short photo recap of my goings on. My mom will appreciate it.

The photo from above was taken on a silent retreat at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama.

I had our invasive forest ripped out and laid a whole lot of sod. After 10 years of fighting nasty vines and bushes, we are happy to see our large property.

I donated a painting to the Alabama Folk School at Camp McDowell. Lovely Maggie Johnston (of Camp McDowell) and Janice Barrett (of Wild South) modeled with me. It's always nice to hang out with other tall girls.

Scott and I spent a lazy day on Clear Creek in the Bankhead Forest at Camp McDowell picnicking with friends and fishing

I got a new guitar and this is the case. The guitar is even prettier.

We hosted Halcyon, the solo show for Mary Compton at Red Dot Gallery.

Mary's family came from Baltimore, Washington DC, and Cincinnati to support Mary!

Joyce and Jim Cauthen got us out of bed to come see their Night Blooming Cereus which blooms once a year. It was magnificent. 

I attended a jamming weekend at the Alabama Folk School. In addition to playing with all sorts of excellent musicians, I preformed onstage in the new Hall Hall, a beautiful new dance hall. It was the first time I sang or played guitar by in front of an audience. I did a solo!

Scott and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at Hot and Hot Fish Club, a local famous fancy restaurant.

This past weekend we attended a Birmingham Barons game at Regions Field.

At least once a day I sit in my lawn chair and watch the sky. My new fixed-up backyard inspires me. I have been working on paintings, and will post all the new work at once. Later.


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