My Friend in Space

Steve Swanson on his return from a six month stay at ISS

For the past six months I have had a friend in space. Steve Swanson, the astronaut, is a former classmate of mine from Steamboat Springs, and he just returned from a half year mission manning the International Space Station with a handful of other cosmonauts. I have followed his Facebook posts daily, and reveled in photos of auroras and sunsets over Earth, guessing games of islands and cities, and stories of his daily routine. Eating chocolate, going to the bathroom, and growing vegetables are all different in space, I've learned. How fun it is to learn it from someone I know! I, along with other classmates from Steamboat and friends of Steve got to ask personal questions and enjoy his self-depreciating, warm, and non-prissy sense of humor. I sure enjoyed referring to "my friend in space" for a while, but I'm happy he's safe back home again.

Here is an article from the Steamboat Pilot from after Steve's return to Earth. 


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