UAB Faculty/Alumni Exhibit

On Friday I attended the opening of the faculty/alumni exhibit at AEIVA, the University of Alabama's new art building. My daughter Annabelle is studying art at UAB, and all evening I was referred to as Annabelle's mom, which was kind of nice. I was impressed by much of the work in the show, and have known many of the artists for a long time. Many of shots below are details of larger works.

The building was "wrapped" in colorful cloth, an installation by Amannda Bowers.

James Alexander

I forgot who this is. (Frowny face)

Gary Chapman

John Fields

Didn't catch the name. (Sheepish grin)

Dan Bynum

Stacey Holloway

Stacey Holloway

Merrilee Challis

Sonja Rieger

Sonja Reiger

Derek Crackow

Derek Crakow

Frank Fleming


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