Painting in the Park Went Well

Homewood Arts Council enlisted Annabelle and I to teach a workshop series, Painting in the Park, each Saturday in April. I was skeptical, as April weather in the South can be very unpredictable. But we ended up with four beautiful days to make art in the sun. The workshops were hosted in a different Homewood, Alabama park each week, and the turnout was just the right number of people for such an event. (Average of 10 or so). I was impressed with the interest and buzz that surrounded it, especially since the Homewood Arts Council is in its first year. Check out their Facebook page for more photos of the events.

I had to teach the classes with acrylics, a medium I'm don't normally choose. Because it was outdoors and only an hour and a half workshop, it necessitated fast-drying and water clean-up medium. (I usually use and teach oils.) I also had to have the class do a particular painting and have them follow me step by step. Not my normal way of teaching. But within the parameters of the setting, it was just what was called for.

Overton Park

Central Park

A couple times we had some talented kids show up.

A proud and happy bunch.

Annabelle setting up in Patriot Park.


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