Painting Inspiration at Oak Mountain

My paintings always feature animals and/or nature. I travel to art museums and cities for inspiration, but my most effective way to get ideas and subjects is to hike or visit places off-the-beaten-path. This past weekend I went to nearby Oak Mountain State Park, a great hiking destination with a working farm. (It has many other features, but I only partook in the trails and farm this time.) Here are some photos of my adventure. 

I definitely see a goat in a future painting.

Taken near Shackleford Point, a high point in the park. The valley was warm and quiet, but the top of the mountain was cold and windy.

I had already drawn out the beginnings of a peacock/woman painting, not sure if I'd go ahead with it. This eye-pooping, in-my-face peacock sighting sealed the deal for me.

This adorable fellow followed me everywhere around the farm. He was so quiet and gentle I would forget he was around, and he kept startling me when I turned around to see him a foot behind me, staring at me. 

As always on a hike in the South, lichen and fungus gave showy displays along the trail.


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