North Park, Cameron Pass, Poudre River

During my trip to Colorado, Scott and I took a day to travel to Fort Collins to hang out with my 93 year old Granny. One of the most beautiful drives anywhere leads over Rabbit Ears Pass, through the high plains of North Park, over picturesque Cameron Pass, and through the windy Poudre Canyon. Between the their and back trips we saw a total of 11 moose. I'd never seen one before. The one above was seen right at the summit of Cameron Pass.

Poudre Canyon is deep and rocky, with excellent fishing in the Poudre River which winds next to the road. I tried to take photos of the miles of rock walls, but the image above was the best I could come up with. 

Last year a massive forest fire swept through the Poudre area, and even my granny was close to evacuating before the winds changed. The above shot shows a mountain of burned trees in the background. Another difficult-to-capture image.

We tried to get through North Park on the way home before the sun set so we would be less likely to hit a deer, elk, antelope, moose, or wayward cow. We arrived at the base of Rabbit Ears pass just as got dark. There are few places better for seeing big sky than North Park.


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