Family in Steamboat

After our day trip to Granny's, Scott and I stayed in Steamboat and played with family. Sister Dana and I went for another hike, this time up the Sand Mountain Trail, just North of the town of Clark.

That night Scott and I hung out at brother Derick's house for great food and lots of laughs.

Derick's dog Titus.

Playing in Mad Creek the next day. Dad is the tall one on the left, and the rest of the gang is Derick's family. 

My toes and Mad Creek rocks.

Dad and I went to church and then for a long ride out 20 mile road. I miss the Colorado clouds when I'm in Alabama.

Scott hanging out. He said his hair was flat, so he wore his Saw's BBQ hat the whole trip.

Scott fished 99% of the time.

My step-mom Sunny, my mom, Karen, me, and my Dad, Fred. Sunny cooked a fine feast on Sunday.


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