Weekend in Huntsville

This past weekend Annabelle attended an Anime Convention in Huntsville, Alabama, while my friend Anne and I had a girl weekend. Annabelle dressed up and acted pretty nerdy. We hiked at Monte Sano State Park (above) and....

Went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. (My favorite new plant, The New Jersey Tea Plant, above)

Inside the very well appointed Butterfly Garden

We also took a long walk around Big Spring Park and saw more Japanese fish (and pooping geese) than I've ever seen in my life. 
I didn't take photos of the very old hardware store or the very old feed store we visited. We also saw three movies, one each afternoon when it got hot. 

While waiting for Annabelle at the hotel, we ran into Iron Man in the parking lot. More photos of Annabelle in her costumes to come. 


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