70 Great Things About Ma

Annabelle in her high school Christmas pageant.
(She's Cindy Loo Who in the center)

My mom turns 70 today. Here is a list of 70 things I love about her.

At her age she still swims up to 2 miles at a time and takes exercise classes.
She never was a picky eater.
She loves movies, and gives good reviews.
She is not a high-maintenance kind of gal.
She laughs a lot.
She writes the very best emails about her life.
She is an AMAZINGLY TALENTED artist!
She isn’t a bragger or a name-dropper.
She loves to decorate. And not just for Christmas.
She writes, gardens, cooks healthy food, and can sing well.
She trusts people.
She’s fair and honest with money.
She has a unique way of seeing the world. She’s NOT boring.
She isn’t a sissy. She’s played sports, been outdoorsy, and did heavy work all her life.
She is and always was exceptionally beautiful.
She doesn’t sleep too much. (Well, some people do!) 
She likes to play indoor games, and is pretty good at them.
She’s not a push-over.
She is good friends with her pets and has excellent stories about them.
She’s good at asking for help.
She is just so darn funny.
She is an expert Christmas tree decorator. Tinsel is her specialty.
She loves cut-out snowflakes.
She likes shiny stuff in general.
She makes the best spiced cider.
She can throw a mean softball. 
She is fearless at acknowledging her shortcomings and trying to amend them.
She is open-minded about lots of stuff.
She’s got spunk.
She’s genuinely interested in other people’s pursuits.
She’s a good listener.
She shovels her own snow most of the time.
She appreciates things. She is genuinely grateful for any gift.  
She is generous. Always was. Even when she doesn't have much to give.
She loves South Park (the show) and visited South Park, CO for fun.
She named her cat Bruce Wayne when he’s indoors and Catman when he’s out.
She was never picky about food.
She isn’t fearful of strangers.
She always loved horses and knows lots about them.
She soldiers on through the adventures and pitfalls of 21st century high-technology. 
She is a great storyteller.
She’s always made first-class greeting cards for other people.
She dresses comfortably, setting a good example for all women.
She is deeply rooted in her community.
Her spiritual life is very important to her.
She is quite gracious if you come to her home.
She still counts on alternative medicine as much as she can.
She acts young for her age, but expresses a wisdom of the ages.
She isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty.
She’s independent.   
She washes the dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher.
She smells good.
She isn’t a snoop. She respects people’s privacy.
She respects nature.
She forgives.
She isn’t a waster. She conserves resources, and did long before it was cool.
She watches her pocketbook. She’s not extravagant.
She drinks lots of water. (We should all follow her example!) 
She collects and displays things her kids give her.
She names her cars. (Awesome names!)
She can drive well in snow.
She’s overcome great troubles in her lifetime.
She works really hard to improve herself. 
She accepts other people’s choices without meddling.
She finds delight in little things all the time.
She speaks her truth.
She ages gracefully. 
She earned and keeps the respect of her children.
She takes responsibility for her life.
She gives us 70 reasons to appreciate her. 


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