Chalkboard Art by Annabelle

This summer my 17 year-old kid, Annabelle, had a summer job drawing chalkboard art for a soon-to-open restaurant in Birmingham. She used pastels to do 9 large pieces that hang throughout the restaurant. Creekside Tavern, a family-type restaurant opens this Wednesday.

The subject matter was mostly chosen by the restaurant owners, Margee and Blake Sly. They preferred scenes of people doing everyday things, and many are from photos taken around the shopping center where their restaurant is located. 

The plan is to erase the pieces and recreate them for the change of seasons.

For a teenager the project was an amazing experience, both for making art-for-hire and having a summer job in her field.

The work is done with high-quality soft pastels on black chalkboard. 


  1. Good grief. They're so good I'd hate to erase!!

  2. I know, right? Thanks Martha. Hope you are well.

  3. What a perfect gig for Annabelle. These are great. My favorite is the pier scene - so vibrant!

  4. Thanks, Lauren. Hope you are having a good summer!


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