Georgia Pottery Excursion

Last weekend we attended this exhibit in the adorable town of Watkinsville, GA. My husband, Scott, was getting ideas for a similar clay market to be held in conjunction with next year's Alabama Clay Conference, which he is hosting in Birmingham in February, 2012.
9th Annual
Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational
Aug. 27- Sept.14, 2011
OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall
Perspectives is a pottery collector’s paradise with an extensive selection of hand-made functional pottery with over 5,000 pots to choose from. Each of the 50 Georgia potters had on display and sale an average of 100 pots in the Rocket Hall Sales Gallery.
Two significant pottery exhibitions in the OCAF Art Center building were also open. The Main Gallery had on display an exhibit of 150 pots; two pots by each of the fifty potters and one pot from each of their private collections. In the Members Gallery there was a display of pottery by Jose Luis Yamunaque and Kate Tremel.


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