Pinhoti Hike 2011

Memorial Day Hike on the Pinhoti Trail, through the Chattahoochee National Forest
in the North Georgia Mountains.

The guys in the group were all veterans of the Appalachian Trail, and they get together for
reunion hikes once or twice a year. (They all completed the A.T. in the same year.) We girls were thankful to have their hiking expertise, and tried not complain too much about being stinky.

The hike was (arguably) 17 miles total, over two days.

This is the Gennett Poplar. It's big, and we camped by it.

Gennett Poplar

There were many stream crossings, which I liked for my tired feet.

Using our trail names, Dahlia, Last Minute, Anne, No Pepsi, Thoreau, and Stink Bug (me.)

It was pretty.

Real pretty.


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