Photos for Painting

I took pictures of my daughter today as demonstration material for my upcoming photo workshop. The pic above is one my favorite. Here's the workshop info:

Red Dot Photography Workshop

Getting Good Images for Painting and Drawing Reference

Saturday, February 6, 2010, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Having a good photo from which to work makes painting and drawing easier and the finished piece better.

This hands-on workshop is for artists who want to learn to take better reference photographs for painting or drawing. I’ll cover some principles of two-dimensional design, such as balance, depth, focal point, etc. and we’ll work on how to get optimal lighting sources without a flash. Composing images will be covered in depth. This is not a high-tech lesson; I start with very basic instruction.

Bring in whatever kind of camera you have. Although the workshop will help you take better pictures, it is not a photography class. The focus will be on better source material for painting or drawing. The instructions will generally be for cameras with automatic settings, or point-and-shoots, but you can use your manual settings if you know how. You’ll need to come in knowing how to generally operate your own camera. Optional: If you have your camera owner’s manual, the patch cord to your computer, and a laptop, bring it all with you, or any one of the three.

Cost: $40.00, due by January 30th.


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