Red Dot is 5 Opens Tomorrow

I'm highlighting a few more exhibitors who are showcased the "Red Dot is 5" show. The opening is tomorrow night, Friday the 20th of November from 5 to 10.

Teresa McCombs (above) won a Red Dot class in a fundraiser silent auction and never stopped coming. She’s been having great success working with a thick, almost impasto painting style, on her traditional subjects such as florals and landscapes. Teresa’s contagious enthusiasm and optimism comes across in her work. She uses bold color and contrast, heavy paint, and cheerful subjects. Watching her fearlessness with the brush is a joy to behold. We really miss her when she doesn’t come to class!

Ellen Moore came to Red Dot (a year ago) with some painting experience, looking for more focus and direction in her work. Not long at all after she began classes, Ellen’s work found its voice, and her love of painting blossomed along with her technical prowess. She’s so happy about it she comes to 3 classes per week! Her adept use of color and facility with the brush give her work its signature freshness, which balances nicely with her skill at rendering. Her work, which usually depicts children in nature, always gets ohs and ahs in class.

Erin Hardin has been studying at Red Dot for several months. She showed up with some experience at painting and exhibiting, but using oil paint is new to her. She is rapidly mastering the medium. Her pieces in the “Red Dot is 5” exhibit show her careful treatment of her subjects, especially in her use of color and her attention to detail. She chose images for this show that highlight beautiful churches around the world. They are presented in miniature, which emphasizes the preciousness of the subject. Erin’s dedication to her craft is inspirational. She will go far.


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