Red Dot Holiday Exbhibitors

Here are more works by artists exhibiting in our "Red Dot is 5" Anniversary and Holiday Show.

Kristen Martin (above) has been taking oil painting classes for almost 4 years. She works as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations, such as the art museum, symphony, and Girl Scouts. Kristen’s work illuminates simple scenes of kids, animals, and landscapes with thick paint and broad strokes. Her striking pieces are as much about light, color, and gesture as they are about the subject portrayed. It is a joy to watch her paint; she is quick and skillful but makes it look effortless.

Beverly Phillips is a Spanish teacher at Vestavia Hills High School with 3 years of Red Dot painting experience. She usually paints animals; dogs and sheep seem to show up on her canvas most. Beverly is a talented realist, but uses expansive color and interesting brushwork to express something more than a straightforward rendering. Her imaginative compositions seem to animate and elevate her subjects. We always know the plain old sheep she’s depicting will look like a wise old friend when Beverly’s done with him.

Mary Kay Culpepper has been a student at Red Dot for 2 years. Outside class she has been a very successful journalist and editor (Cooking Light!) for most of her life, but has recently retired, and will get her masters in Creative Studies soon. She is exhibiting a selection of lovely pen and watercolor drawings of botanicals. She gathers inspirational material from the gardens of her neighbors. (She claims to have no green thumb herself.) Her poetic style is fresh and immediate; her work comes across as happy, smart, and strong. (Sounds a lot like Mary Kay.)


  1. You have some very talented students, and they have a good teacher too!


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