My Pottery Boy

My husband is a brilliant artist. He won’t toot his own horn, so I’ve taken it upon myself to let everyone know what a great talent he is. He will cringe when he reads the words brilliant and great, but I’m not taking them back.

Scott is a ceramic sculptor, and has recently been creating a new line of gorgeous vessels. They carry on the signature forms and surfaces of his earlier, more experimental, abstract sculptures. The vessels are curvy like a voluptuous female figure, and are glazed using Scott’s very unique, impossible-to-copy techniques that look molten and sensuous at the same time.

Images of his work and info about him can be found on our website at To buy his reasonably priced work, pick from the website and contact scott@reddotgallery for availability, or ask him where he’s exhibiting locally.

For some extra tooting, here’s a really quick summation of his impressive career: Masters in Ceramics from Ohio State University, Designer for Bath and Body Works for 7 years, Exhibitor at major shows such as Smithsonian Craft Show and Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Inclusion in several Biennials of the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts, Featured in several Lark Book Publications, and now, Currently serves on the Advisory Board for Ceramics Monthly Magazine, and Owner of Red Dot Gallery. Huh? Pretty good.

Look to my blog for even more tooting to come about Scott! (This is going to kill him.)


  1. Well, if Scott isn't going to toot his own professional horn, I'll help. We have four of his mugs, and they remain at the front of our coffee cup cabinet. The orange glaze on the inside of two of them makes it feel like the sun is coming up in my coffee. Toot!
    I also happen to think he's an all-around swell guy to know.

    ---Sherman Hall, editor, Ceramics Monthly


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