Halloween Spa Night

Last night I went to one of my favorite annual events, the Halloween party of Shannon, one of my students. The people were fun, the libations and treats delightful, and every inch of the house was decked with goofy spooky decorations, most of them electronic and noisy. But the costumes of the party guests were the talk of the night. There were couples dressed as flappers, beatniks, psychiatric doctors, pirates, and also the controversial Larry Langford and Betty Fine Collins (of very recent Birmingham scandalous political news.) The winner of the night was the Christmas tree, complete with real ornaments and lit lights.

Scott and I dressed as “Ready or Not.” He wore a business suit (the first time I’ve ever seen it—gorgeous!) and I dressed in pink jammies, pink hair curlers, pink fuzzy slippers, a pink facial mask, and carried a pink pillow and pink Pepto Bismol. All night Scott voiced his disbelief that men actually wore these crazy suits everyday, and I was so comfortable and cozy that I was sleepy all night.

But the true Halloween surprise came this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror. I looked terrific! The mask and rollers had done their duty for 4 hours straight, and what a job they did. I fingered my skin in disbelief, and tossed my fluffy hair around like I was in a shampoo commercial. So here’s a little tip. You can steal my costume idea for your next masquerade party, and be the Pajama Mama (or Papa.) You’ll get lots of laughs AND have a luxurious spa night, guaranteed to make you look fabulous the next day. Just don’t drink too much or the hangover will ruin everything.


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