Five Years of Super Students

I am a very lucky art instructor because all my classes are filled with students who are amazingly good learners. But even better—they all are nice, fun, generous, good people. I mean all of them. I don’t know why I don’t have any abrasive apples in the bunch. And if students stay long enough, we become friends, so I am extra lucky that my life is filled with a smorgasbord of first-class individuals. Folks who know me well know that I don’t sugarcoat things, so this gushing about my students is not for show. My students will tell you, too: We have a fine bunch of people at Red Dot.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary we are having a holiday show at Red Dot. (opening November 20th, 5 pm) We’ve invited 20 artists who have been students or teachers at Red Dot at some time. Over the next few days, I'll post highlights of the work we'll be presenting.

Above is shown a piece by Laura Kimes. Laura has been taking painting classes at Red Dot for over a year. She focuses on the human figure with striking accuracy, and employs a smooth, finely finished style. It is inspiring to watch her constant attention to detail, yet she wisely remains open to “loosening up.” It keeps her work clean, but not too tight. Her pieces for this show are a small series of lovely paintings of human hands in various devotional and lyrical positions. Exquisite!

I'll post the work of other exhibitors in subsequent blogs. (Still learning how to add pictures.)


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