Painting, Ceramics, and...more?

I'm working on the final piece of my 12 panel series, Exhibit A: Paintings of Alabama Places. I am still enjoying the project three years in, so chances are I will continue to explore this theme after a nice break doing some fun and easy abstracts in my usual format.

This last work is based on Alabama's churches. Today I worked on the tile part of the piece, which have been a challenge so far. I've wanted to get the look of stained glass without having to actually do stain glass. I got so frustrated with trying ceramic look-alikes that I actually got a glass artist friend of mine to teach me how to make glass tiles. I quickly realized that learning a new medium (again) was a tall order to complete for one work of art. I finally (happily!) found a way to make ceramic tiles using a slip-trailing method (email my husband for specifics) that just might look pretty fantastic.

I love that after 25 years as a painter I get to explore new vistas of creativity with at least one other medium--clay. I've tried my hand at wood carving and now glass to get some new effects, but so far I've refuse to incorporate amateurish efforts into work that will have well-crafted painting sitting right up against it.

Another month or two and this big, wonderful Alabama adventure will be ready to show.


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