Got It Covered

I took a trip last week to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, my home town, to meet with photographer Buddy Bair to shoot the cover of my new book. Buddy is a friend from high school, and I discovered his gorgeous photographs on Facebook. Until I saw his work, I planned on using old photographs from the 1970s of me and my siblings. It would have taken a lot of doctoring to get those old pictures to work on a book cover, and when I saw the lush color and dramatic compositions of Buddy’s work, I knew I wanted his photos instead.

We “hired” four young models to stand in for the Duckels kids. Buddy’s two daughters, my brother, Derick’s, daughter, and, from a hasty round of phone calls at the last minute to high school friends I hadn’t seen in decades, the nephew of Kim Wilhelm. Kim has been a friend since I was in diapers, and is an often-mentioned character in my book. I was so pleased we ended up using kids with whom I have a connection. Aside from getting soaking wet, freezing, dusty, tickled with waist high weeds, and (in a couple cases) screaming that they were going to die, I think the kids had a great time.

The photo turned out magnificent, and far exceeded my expectations. I know from my last book that covers are important. I’m still feeling good about the cover of The Freeway.

The new book….soon. Very soon.


  1. What a cool story! I look forward to seeing the cover. Does Buddy have a photography site or a flickr account? I'd love to see his work.


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