Description for My Steamboat

Here is a description of my new book, to be released in December.

If you think you know Steamboat, think again. This story of a ranch town cum ski resort, by a native who knew it all back when, will make you rethink not only Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but that "same small town in each of us," as the songwriter said.

In these pages you will meet a mother with a profanity habit who fling cats into snowbanks and plays sad folks songs on the ukulele; a father who emerges only rarely from his deep silences to laugh manically at his own jokes and teach his teenage daughters how to play dirty basketball; townspeople who include lecherous old dudes hanging around the local pool, former race car drivers at the wheel of the school bus, and history teachers who issue bomb threats.

Dori Decamillis (nee Duckels) tells of her unique family, peculiar neighbors, and reassuringly American hometown with honesty, grace, and most importantly humor. A cross between Patrick McManus and Garrison Keillor, Decamillis gives us a town and a cast of characters not soon forgotten.


  1. Cool description--those sound like some interesting characters!


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