About My First Book

Published in 2000, The Freeway is a non-fiction account of the three years I lived on the road in a vintage motorhome, making a living at outdoor art festivals. It is available on Amazon.com. Here is a quick description written by Joyce Maynard, author of "To Die For," which was made into a good movie starring Nicole Kidman:

Two young painters in love sell everything they own, buy a vintage motorhome and hit the road to seek their fortune. This is the story of their adventures. In a voice as unaffected as the paintings she and her husband create, Dori DeCamillis tells the story of their three year long journey. Often funny, sometimes heartbreaking-with echoes of Huckleberry Finn, Jack Kerouac and Lucy and Desi in "The Long Long Trailer"-The Freeway takes a reader not simply across America, but to a place somewhere in the center of the heart.

And, here is a review from Amazon that I particularly liked:

"I'm glad to see this book is still in print. It deserved far more publicity from its publisher -- it's funny, moving, interesting. If there had been reality TV back when Dori and Joe were traveling, their journey would have made one great show, and they'd be stars right now. I highly recommend this book. It deserved to be a big seller."


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