About My Current Book

I'm in the editing stage of completing my second book, title TBA, about growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Here is a description:

One of the most sought-after destinations in the world for outdoor recreation, Steamboat Springs, Colorado offers visitors gorgeous high-country scenery, luxury accommodations, and some of the best skiing on the planet. But in the 1960s Steamboat differed very little from other small towns in America. Unpretentious people with rural values worked in the fields and mines, or owned small businesses. Occasionally local ranchers drove cattle right down Main Street.
I grew up in Steamboat just as the outside world started to take notice of my remote and wildly beautiful hometown. The rich and the glamorous had discovered a winter playground, and we natives were forced to adapt.
In my book, my unconventional family awkwardly tries to fit in with the changing community, torn between the “hippies and the cowboys.” Like other independent mountain natives, we had small-town values and backwoods habits, and we held tighter to them in defense against the bombardment of fancy city slickers and their fast-lane mentality. Our idiosyncrasies formed the backdrop and some of the highlights of my childhood tales.

The book is tentatively slotted for a Christmas release.


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