Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Dot Kid Class Info

Kid’s Class Description

Both kid’s classes are $120 for six weeks and meet for one hour per week. You get one free miss per six weeks, so it can be made up at the end. Supplies are included. Classes are ongoing, even in the summer. I allow for free misses over the holidays, spring break, etc. All classes are held at Red Dot Gallery.

Thursday at 3:30 – 7-9 year olds

This class introduces younger kids to beginning academic drawing techniques and concepts, but is mostly fun art projects in different mediums. We use pastels, acrylic paint, water color, pencil drawing, oil pastels, clay, collage, block printing, scratch board, and found object constructions. I don’t push academic training because I find it starts to come more naturally at age 10 or 11, but I do introduce it, and try to instill through a variety of projects a love of art and a desire to learn more.

Thursday at 4:30 – 10- 13 year olds

The big kid’s class focuses on developing academic rendering skill and still having fun with craft projects. In addition to lots of sketching practice, we sometimes use mediums such as pastels, acrylic paint, water color, pencil drawing, oil pastels, clay, collage, block printing, scratch board, and found object constructions. Some of the kids will be working on their portfolios to audition for Alabama School of Fine Arts, and others are just there to have fun. The combo is quite successful for both goals. I teach drawing as I would in a college class, so they’ll be well-versed in art vocabulary, concepts, and skills if they come for a while. I insist on an encouraging and positive experience for everyone.

Applying for Alabama School of Fine Arts

Each year I have a student or two working with me on their portfolio for ASFA auditions. I have a high success rate for helping kids get accepted, but I offer no guarantees. ASFA auditions are held each year in the Spring, and I encourage students to start working with me in October on the required portfolio. If they start much later than that, it can get pretty stressful for parents and students (and me.) It is best if the student has been taking classes at Red Dot as far in advance of October as they can. If a student is considering working with me on their portfolio, I like to have a sit-down with students and parents to tell them what the process entails.

ASFA really looks favorably on prospective students that have attended their summer camps. Here is a link: ASFA Summer Camp

Here are links with information about the application process in general. It can be pretty daunting, so I recommend parents and students meet with me to explain how we prepare. I spread it our over months to make it as stress-free as possible.

ASFA Application Process

ASFA Audition Process

ASFA Questions and Contacts

Exhibit A Blogs to Come

A few years ago I won the Alabama Council on the Arts Individual Artists Fellowship, and with the award money began a project called Exhibit A. I began working on the first of 12 proposed mixed-media panels depicting places in Alabama, my adopted state. I have completed 4 works per year, on average, and I am now working on my last piece. Exhibit A is scheduled to exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art in Spring of 2011. My next 12 (or so) blog posts will contain the texts that accompany each individual piece (a few paragraphs describing my inspiration and process) and detail images of the finished piece.