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Cahaba Lilies

The Cahaba Lily only grows in Alabama on the Cahaba River. I took a pilgrimage there this past weekend to see their short bloom. To photograph, I walked out onto the shoals which were covered in colorful snails and mussels. The Cahaba is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the world.

Wood Store Adventures

I snuck in some photos at Woodcraft, our local wood store, while purchasing a new power tool for making frames for my paintings. 

Stack of floor mats

Scott's Flies

My husband, Scott Bennett, has taken up fly fishing and tying flies. He is already very good at making pretty special flies, probably because of his expertise in sculpture-making. This is just a much smaller scale. He usually drives to Tennessee or North Alabama to fish, and spends a good big of leisure time making these mini works of art. Photographing them is just as hard as making the little things, and he's getting better at that, too.

Scott Working

Scott is experimenting with flame cups that involve several layers or painstaking processes. It's a good thing people will pay so much money for cups. Not. (Don't mention it to Scott. You'll never hear the end of it.)

Article In B-Metro about Annabelle and Me

Link to "Composed," Brett Levine's article in the May Issue of B-Metro focused on the artwork and careers of me and Annabelle. Just in time for Mother's Day.