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New Classes at Red Dot

Annabelle DeCamillis, "Self Portrait as Guilded Age Cross-Dresser"
New Classes at Red Dot Gallery
Teenage superstar Annabelle DeCamillis (that's her mom talking) will be teaching oil painting and drawing at the gallery. She's been a substitute instructor at Red Dot for years, and has stunned students (in a good way) with her sharp eye and encouraging manner. She has instructed advanced adult artists and young children with the enthusiasm and great results.
Annabelle's new classes: Tuesday, 9-11 am Sunday, 6-8 pm
Adult superstar Scott Bennett (proud wife talking) is also adding a new clay class. 
Scott's new class: Monday, 6-8 pm

Ruffner Mountain Hike

Annabelle and I took a full moon hike at Ruffner Mountain last Saturday. We saw some interesting rock formations, a Barred Owl, lots of different frogs and crawling critters, and loads of old mining artifacts. Of course the moon was magical and dramatic and spooky shining through the trees, but no photos did the night justice. These photos were taken before sundown, obviously.
We were part of a group of 15. This little girl is Sage, and she tells some good kid jokes. "Why isn't Cinderella good at football? Her coach is a pumpkin."

Spain Park Graduation


Chalk Commission for JFTF Fundraiser

Annabelle did this chalkboard project for the Jones Valley Teaching Farm "Breaking Ground" fundraiser held on Saturday. She had one day to get it done, so I helped, which meant a long day on our knees in the carport. Thank goodness the unending rain ended right before the event.

Art in the Family

This article appeared in the May issue of Birmingham Magazine. It's about me and Annabelle and art. A nice Mother's Day tribute, I think.
Link to Birmingham Magazine Article