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My Paintings on Zealous

My work was recently featured on, a British art website.

Miss Dori's Junk Drawing Day

Today is Miss Dori's Junk Drawing Day at Red Dot. My kid class gets to sketch old stuff I find when I clean out drawers and closets. (They don't relate to the stuff on an emotional level, so they tend to pay attention more and draw better.) Kamilla, Bay, Mia, Rivers, and Katie drew the subjects below and came up with the drawings that follow.


My Newest Paintings

Then How When Nature Calls Thee       SOLD
I just posted these new paintings from 2013 on the website ( All are painted this year, and they all measure 16" x 20"
In Profound Abysm I Throw All   
Like the Ocean Be
Thy Jewel in Hand
But Here's the Joy

Creek Village Painting

"Italwas"   48" x 60"  2009
I painted this image of a Creek Indian Village as a commission for a collector. He lived on a hill above a bend in a creek where a Creek Village reportedly existed long ago, and he wanted a historically accurate representation of what the village might have looked like from his house. His home is near Talladega, Alabama.  I did months of research. With the help of the now late Miriam Fowler who worked at the Birmingham Museum of Art, I pulled together the image with references to the customs, culture, and village layout. I also used as a reference "Bartram's Travels" written by William Bartram, a detailed description of encounters with Native Americans in 1791. It is one of the very few bits of info about the lives of the Creeks back then. (As noted in Wikipedia, the original title to Bartram's book is: Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the Extensive Territo…

My Paintings on

My work is featured today on, a popular art website. 
Here's the link